Waimanu Valley (Big Island) report released

Well we have been back from our short week-long trip to the Big Island for about a month now and I have finally finished up a brand new trip report for 1 of my 2 hikes there.  This report took a lot of extra time due to the research I had to put into it to make sure I had all of my facts and information correct.  This first report is for the Muliwai Trail which leads to Waimanu Valley.  It was a fantastic hike and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the report. To view the report, click here or visit the link on the Introduction Page for Waimanu Valley under the Hawaii section.  I have one additional report coming from Big Island hiking, but that report will be on hold while I write up a brand new Death Valley report for our January hike of Sugarloaf Peak.  That’s coming next in 1-2 weeks.