Crete gorges hiking reports

The time fast approaches for our return to Death Valley hiking this November.  Last hiking season, we co-discovered Sunlight Bridge in November and Teddy Bear Canyon in February.  What will this hiking season hold?  We will soon find out.

Meanwhile, I have finally had a chance to start working on my trip reports for the hiking we did in Crete.  Over the next month or two, I hope to fully release all six of my Crete gorges hiking report.  The first one is now finished and can be viewed at the link down below or on the Introduction Page of the site (which received a slight overhaul and update recently).  As more Crete gorges hiking reports are finished, they will be linked to and listed on this post.  The goal with these reports is to help future English-speaking visitors to Crete to have an enjoyable time hiking the gorges with our helpful information.  Enjoy the reports.