DV Feb 2014 Wrap Up

We have returned home from our seven day February 2014 trip to Death Valley.  The trip turned out very well as we had excellent weather for an entire week with very little wind and pleasant warm temperatures.  Over the next 1-2 months, I will be working on some trip reports to document our hikes from this trip.  The reports will include 3 reports on the Nova Canyon area exploration which resulted in the co-discovery of the stunning Teddy Bear Cholla gardens.  A press release may be issued on our discovery soon.  I was told that an outside expert will travel to the park soon to visit our Teddy Bear Chollas and it has been confirmed that this is the farthest north that they have ever been found.  The previous farthest north group of Teddy Bear Chollas is actually 200km to the south!  I will also be issuing a report on my challenging hikes of the Fall 1st Side Canyon and the major canyon between Red Wall and Palmer (name to be chosen later).  For easier family hiking, I will have reports on The Crack in the Funeral Mountains foothills and the Buckwheat Sand Dunes.  So there is a lot to look forward to here on the site as we had a very successful trip.  As far as future hikes, I am hoping to do a brief two day visit in April, but besides that I don’t expect to return to the park until Nov of 2014 or Feb of 2015 for my next trip.