DV Natural Bridges Trip Countdown

In about two weeks, I will be making my first trip to Death Valley in 7 months.  It certainly was a long off-season, as I generally avoid Death Valley from May through October, with a few occasional exceptions.  The entire focus of this upcoming trip will be on Death Valley’s natural bridges.  You probably noticed the new special report page on the site which showcases Death Valley’s Natural Bridges.  Well, by posting that page, it led to me being informed of a couple more natural bridges that are within the park.  I plan to visit 3 of those on this upcoming trip in order to get photographs.  I also hope to return to Sidewinder Canyon to photograph the natural bridges contained there within the slots.  (For some reason, when I hiked Sidewinder Canyon the previous two times I didn’t get any good pictures of the bridges there.)  Through my own studying of maps at home, with no outside help, I believe I may have discovered a previously unknown natural bridge within the park.  So I hope to visit that location and find out what is there.  Maybe it will be a new bridge, maybe it won’t.  But it will be a fun hike regardless.  As part of this natural bridges trip, I will be returning to Saline Valley for the first time since 2007 to hike an amazing canyon.  That will be the centerpiece of the trip, if all goes well on the drive out there.  Well that’s about it.  You can expect live updates on here once I arrive in the park, with photographs from each of my six days of hiking.  Until then, I’m not releasing any more information about my destinations, although a couple of them were touched on in the previous post.