Death Valley 2013-14 Trip Planning

With the new Death Valley hiking season nearly upon us (which runs from about mid-October to the end of April), I thought many of you might be interested in hearing what I have planned for late 2013 and early 2014.  Over the summer, I did not do a whole lot of Death Valley trip planning.  The reason was that I already had a number of important destinations lined up from the previous hiking season which I didn’t get to.  So I didn’t want to do too much research and end up pushing those delayed hikes back even further.  Also, the summer flash floods and road closures which remain in the park are going to have a large impact on my plans.  Several of the hikes I wanted to do in November will now be pushed back into February, with no guarantee that I can even do them by then.  To summarize briefly, I basically have two one-week trips planned for this hiking season.  We will be doing a week in November and a week in February.  In harmony with my plans, I have made some recent adjustments to the Main Page of the site, which you may or may not notice.  Here is a brief overview of my hiking plans.  These are not set in stone, but rather a list of hopeful hikes.  Some of them will no doubt end up getting changed out for others, as usually happens.  Many of my plans center around visiting several undocumented natural bridges within the park.


  • Mummy Canyon & Jensen Natural Bridge (previously undocumented)
  • Keane Wonder Bridge (previously undocumented)
  • Trellis Main Side Canyon & Scorpions Conspiracy Cave
  • major Tucki Mountain canyon south of Tucki Bridge Canyon
  • Pyramid Peak
  • Canyon 2 (Cottonwood Road)
  • Sidewinder Canyon (to document the natural bridges)


  • Limestone natural bridge in Saline Valley (previously undocumented)
  • Bighorn North & Lost Canyon (overnight backpack)
  • Sugarloaf Peak
  • Buckwheat Sand Dunes


Finding Nugget– the 5th Tallest Tree

You might be surprised to find out that the most visited page on this site has nothing to do with Death Valley.  The most visited page on the site is my Hyperion Redwood tree searching page, which already has 543 views for this month.  For you Death Valley hikers, I will be posting some of my trip planning here on the blog next week.  But until then, I have recently posted Part 5 of my Hyperion Redwood tree searching page.  Part 5 features my discoveries of Nugget and Minaret, along with another very special tree.  To check it out, scroll down to the bottom of the page and read Part 5.  Several new pictures have been added as well.  Click here to read the report.