DV Hiking Recommendations Updates

Just a quick note to let you know that I changed out 2 of my 20 Death Valley recommended hikes.  I removed Marble Canyon from my 5 suggested family hikes and replaced it with Ubehebe Crater.  Ubehebe seemed like a better choice for a family hike and it also is in close proximity to Scotty’s Castle.  Also, Marble Canyon is kind of difficult to reach for most people due to the rough roads.  The other hike I changed out was removing Room Canyon and replacing it with Foundry Canyon.  Room Canyon’s unpublished location may have frustrated some people.  Nearby Foundry Canyon has scenery that rivals and perhaps surpasses Room Canyon, and Lower Foundry is easy to find by those who can read basic maps.  So I felt that Foundry was a better choice to suggest to my readers.