Tucki Bridge Canyon report released

As a followup to my Cottonball Marsh Canyon report, this morning I have released part 2 of that report.  The new report is for Tucki Bridge Canyon, which features the newest discovered 7th major natural bridge in the park.  I am sure you will enjoy reading about this difficult adventure hike which really tested the limits of what a dayhiker can accomplish in Death Valley.  It was a very challenging route with multiple bypasses required in order to reach Tucki Bridge.  Tucki Bridge Canyon is currently listed as report #20 on the site.  Over the past couple of weeks, I also published my reports for Canyon 1 and Canyon 3 (reports #61 & 62).

Forbidden Canyon report

Tonight I posted my report for a place that I have named Forbidden Canyon.  The reason for the name is given in the introduction of the report.   This was a very special hike for me, one of my all time favorites… not because of the scenery, but because of the sense of accomplishment and everything we experienced during the day.  Be sure and check out the report which is currently #22 on the main page.  More reports will be coming early next week.

Cottonball Marsh Canyon report

Today I was able to finish up my report for Cottonball Marsh Canyon.  This report is Part 1 of a two-part series of reports that documents our hike out to the newest discovered natural bridge in the park, which is located on Tucki Mountain.  Part 2 will be coming soon and will cover the canyon that we hiked to reach the natural bridge.  That particular canyon is a side canyon of Cottonball Marsh Canyon.  Cottonball Marsh Canyon is currently listed as report #19, so be sure and check it out.  In addition, about a week ago we finished updating our Star Wars in Death Valley page with the new match-ups that we did on our recent February 2013 trip.  The new match-ups include one additional scene in Golden Canyon (2nd picture under Jawa Canyon) and an entire new series of scenes from the Return of the Jedi Blu-ray which has been named Lightsaber Construction Cave.  More new reports will be coming soon.

Return of DVA Blog

Greetings, everyone.  My site recently underwent some updates.  As you may have noticed, the site was offline for a little over a week.  This was for two reasons.  First, we moved web hosts and transferred our domain to our new host.  Our previous web host was charging almost 4 times as much as what we are paying now, so switching was a necessity to save on the monthly costs of keeping the site up.  Second, we went through and revised many of our trip reports to make them more safety conscious for regular Death Valley hikers.  A number of Safety Alerts were added to specific reports to alert hikers about potential major obstacles encountered on the way to hiking destinations.  We also removed several reports which we felt were too advanced to keep on this site due to the fact that more and more people from the general public and park service are using this site to help plan trips.  There are still many advanced hikes on the site (and more will be added soon), but we removed the ones which concerned us the most.  We also shortened some of our reports to not show photographs and information beyond a certain point where the hiking turns advanced and requires more expert climbing abilities and bypass skills than most people have.  Keep in mind this was all done to make the site more safety conscious and out of consideration for regular hikers.  Most people won’t notice the changes.  But some advanced hikers might.  I just want all of you to know that we are concerned about your safety out in Death Valley and want to do everything we can on our end to help people hike safely.  One other note, and that is that I have saved my old Blog posts and may add them back on here as I have time.  During the transfer process, a new database had to be installed in order to get the blog back online, so that’s why the older posts are currently missing.