New– Slideshows & Death Valley Hiking Recommendations Page

I am happy to report that I have been working on some site updates over the past weekend and will continue to as I have some more to do.  One of the biggest changes is the addition of a brand new Death Valley Hiking & Backpacking Recommendations page.  You can find a link to this new page on the main page of the site in between the links to the Introduction Page and Wildlife Page.  The new page has been put together because of the fact that I have been receiving a lot of e-mails lately essentially asking the same questions… where should I go hiking and where should I go backpacking?  To help answer that, I added this page and explained why I like or recommend the hikes that I do.  Once readers view that page, then they can receive help in planning their trips or write to me for additional details or alternate suggestions.  Hopefully everyone will find this new page helpful.

One other big update to the site is going to be the option of viewing pictures in a slideshow format on select reports for my favorite hikes.  Hiking reports with slideshows will be identified by a small play button icon on the main page.  Once on the report page, there will be a red slideshow button after the introduction paragraph which you can click on to view all of the photos and commentary as a slideshow.  The slideshow has an autoplay option as well as a full screen option.  Test out the new slideshow format by visiting our Fall Canyon report.  The nice thing about the slideshows is that it will allow visitors to see bigger pictures if they wish.  Others might prefer the standard Trip Report way of viewing photos, so we will keep those in the report as well, which is also better for mobile browsing of reports.  All reports where a slideshow is added will have their introductory comments and maps updated.

One final update to the site is on the Wildlife Page.  I completely wrote a new introduction to this page talking about the wildlife out there and what I have seen and experienced.  And I added three additional photographs of wildlife that you might find very interesting to check out.  More updates are coming to the site soon, and I will update this posting to reflect any additional changes in the coming weeks.  I’m going to be updating and revising many of my old trip reports to show more pictures and better maps.  Newly updated and released reports include–

  • DV Hiking Recommendations
  • Wildlife Page (new introduction and 3 additional photos)
  • Cottonwood-Marble Backpacking Trip page (several updates)
  • Sidewinder Canyon (new map, 20 additional photos, and slideshow option)
  • Fall Canyon (new map, 15 additional photos, and slideshow option)
  • -282 Actual Lowest Point (updated info and 2 new photos)
  • Palmer Canyon (new map, 32 additional photos, and slideshow option)
  • Other slideshows added include– Middle Hidden Bridge Canyon, Grave Canyon, Kaleidoscope Canyon, Room Canyon, Funeral Slot Canyon, Willow Creek Canyon, Sand Canyon, Moonlight Canyon, Dry Mountain, Corkscrew Peak, more to come…
  • Lower Marble Canyon (28 additional photos and slideshow option)
  • Cottonwood Canyon (18 additional photos and slideshow option)
  • Dry Bone Canyon (new map, 25 additional photos, and slideshow option)
  • Lower Bighorn Gorge (new map, 19 additional photos, and slideshow option)
  • Upper Bighorn Gorge (new map, 11 additional photos, and slideshow option)
  • Upper Marble Canyon (new map, 9 additional photos, and slideshow option)
  • Trellis Canyon (new map, 28 additional photos, and slideshow option)