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Death Valley Adventures

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Welcome to Steve Hall's Death Valley Adventures! 

Steve, Daria, and Stefan (pictured at Darwin Falls) welcome you to our site.  Death Valley National Park is one of the most spectacular areas of desert wilderness in the world with vast salt flats, scenic canyons, historic mining sites, forested mountain peaks, impressive natural bridges, huge sand dunes, abundant wildlife, and more.  We try our best with this site to share some of the options for visiting, hiking, and exploring Death Valley National Park.

Below, there is a menu containing 12 specific sections of the site which you may find interesting to check out.  Most first-time visitors start out with the Introduction page, DV Hiking Recommendations page, and DV Hiking Reports page (containing 200+ hikes) in order to gain an overview of what can be found in Death Valley.


Terms and Conditions (Disclaimer)  Death Valley National Park can be a very dangerous place to hike and while we do our best to promote hiker safety and highlight some of the challenges and obstacles for specific hiking routes, we cannot cover everything.  Remember that your safety is your responsibility and anyone using this site must agree to not hold us responsible for any injuries (or deaths) that occur while following routes we share.  Before making use of the site, you are required to read and agree to our full Terms and Conditions.

DV Adventures Pages


Introduction Page

Welcome message from Steve, about the site, photos, and links to non-DV hiking reports including for the Arctic and South Pacific.


Death Valley Hiking Reports

View 200 Death Valley hiking reports of Steve's visits to popular destinations and exploration of previously unknown places.


Hiking Recommendations

Check out Steve's suggestions for family hikes, day hikes, and backpacking trips in Death Valley. Safety is also discussed.


Death Valley Discoveries

Steve and his friends have made some incredible discoveries while exploring Death Valley National Park. Learn about some of them.


DV's Natural Bridges

Contains the semi-official park database of Death Valley's 17 major natural bridges with pictures and info on discovery.


DV Wildlife and Wildflowers

Learn about the wildlife found in DV such as Bighorn sheep, tarantulas, and roadrunners. Also see some park wildflowers.


DV Adventures Blog

Follow Steve's latest blog posts covering site updates, his latest Death Valley hikes, and pictures from trips to other locations.


Cotton-Marb Backpacking

Get detailed information about the Cottonwood-Marble backpacking trip, which is the most popular in the park.


Panamint City Backpacking

Get detailed information about a backpacking trip to Panamint City and some optional day hikes around the historic mining area.


Owlshead Mountains

Read about 17 highlights that can be found while hiking the Owlshead Mountains, one of the least visited regions of DV.


Star Wars in Death Valley

Take the Star Wars in Death Valley self-guided tour to visit all DV filming locations used in A New Hope and Return of the Jedi.


U2's Fallen Joshua Tree

Located just outside of Death Valley NP, a visit to U2's Fallen Joshua Tree is a must-do for fans of the popular music group.

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